ITES Services

Technology grows increasingly complex by the day. Organizations need an easier, more cost-effective IT strategy and DDF delivers solutions that give you a competitive advantage. With DDF Managed IT Services you have access to the largest and most trusted Managed IT Service provider in the industry. As a leading Managed IT Services Provider, DDF has managed and supported the IT Services of Bank/Financial institute, Telecom companies and Multinational companies for over a decade. Whether you outsource one IT function or many, DDF maximizes your IT investment and alleviates your burdens, so you have more time to focus on your customers.

As your trusted IT advisor and partner, DDF promises to bring value, empowerment, integrity, and innovation to every interaction and experience with our dedicated team. Our managed services approach will enable you to become more efficient and productive as we anticipate and mitigate unexpected technology issues with proactivity, diligence and lightning-fast responsiveness.


Managed IT Services Plans Include:

Benefits of Managed IT Services:

Cost Effective: Financial benefits to outsourcing your IT support includes leaner staffing costs associated with hiring, training, insurance, and contributing to retirement plans. Outsourcing your IT support to DDF means that we are the one responsible for the hiring and managing of employees, reducing your time/cost spent on the hiring process. And while outsourcing your IT, you’re hiring not just one employee, but taking advantage of the expertise of many. The team will have great insight into ways that you can save money by adopting certain IT strategies that they have seen work with other clients.

Focus on Core Business & Innovative Technology: If your IT team is focusing on the day-to-day maintenance of your servers, employee computers’ health, or data backups then they may be wasting valuable time that could be devoted to implementing new technologies.

Take Advantage of Higher Tech Capabilities: When you outsource your IT support, you’re taking advantage of the experience of many as opposed to hiring one person. This combined knowledge of an entire team of IT techs that act as a support system for whatever may arise. With the collective experience of our skilled technical team, outsourcing your IT support is a greater return on investment than having an extra body in the office.